Yahoo reports that diplomatic talks between the Cuban and U.S. governments have generated several controversial debates. The first session of these talks, which aim to restore diplomatic ties between the two estranged countries, recently concluded.



During the discourse, American representatives restated their commitment to provide Cubans with special protection that is not available to other nationalities. At the same time, Cuban representatives accused America of encouraging Cuban doctors to defect to the country.

The robust talks are ongoing, with their core focus on restoring diplomatic ties. The hope is that this will lead to a full cooperation on trade and travel between the two countries.

Both parties described the talks as cooperative and respectful, but revealed they have very different views on immigration. Each year, the United States gives Cubans 20,000 visas while an additional 25,000 Cubans land on U.S. shores without proper documentation. However, the United States still welcomes these people under the Cuban Adjustment Act.

The controversy comes from the fact that the U.S. Coast Guard turns back Cubans who they stop at sea. However, Cubans who make it to land can remain in the country. Cuban officials believe this policy will continue to encourage illegal immigration and persuade skilled citizens to flee to the United States.

When to Call an Immigration Lawyer in Louisville

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Here is another immigration story that is making headlines in Louisville:

Former Mexican President Challenges U.S. Immigration System

USA Today reports that former Mexican President Felipe Calderón challenged the U.S. immigration system during the World Economic Forum’s meeting in Davos. According to the former president, the United States has to create a more flexible immigration process if it wishes to curb illegal immigration.

Calderón did praise President Obama’s recent executive order that allows migrants with American-born children who have lived in the country for at least 5 years to stay in the United States. Those who qualify under the order do not have to fear deportation, but critics are concerned that the order’s lifespan will not be long due to fierce opposition from the Republican Congress.

Immigration policies are in a state of constant change, and those who wish to live and work in the United States face several complicated challenges. Fortunately, an immigration attorney can assess your situation and develop a plan to help you and your family stay in the country.

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