Immigration-Lawyer News: 3 Facts About Immigration

Immigration reform has taken a front seat in American political life. We’ve heard endless debates about deportation and how the current laws need to change. We’ve watched police arrest politicians at immigration rallies, and we’ve seen other legislators in heated discussions on the topic.

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U.S. Employment-Visa

Imagine this: A bright, young computer-science student from abroad secures the opportunity to study in the United States. She applies herself diligently and receives great grades.   By the time she graduates, she is the ideal prospect for tech companies. She wants to stay and work in […]

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Officials Take A Close Look At The EB-5 Green-Card Program

It’s been 24 years since Congress introduced the EB-5 Visa Program, and it’s seen its share of ups and downs. Last year, lawmakers raised concerns over the transparency and reliability of the program, and three agencies commissioned reports about its processes.   Research groups would soon realize […]

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Deportation Lawyer News: 2 Immigration Stories

There are many different sides to the immigration story that is unfolding in the United States right now. Our legislators are debating reform, stories are flooding the news about the high amount of deportations, and thousands of hopeful immigrants are waiting to hear back about their applications. […]

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3 Immigration-Related News Stories This Week

Immigration news stories are as varied as they are abundant. The issue of U.S. immigration reform affects members of many different ethnicities and spans a varied assortment of cultures. Even here in the United States, domestic reform supporters are staging sit-ins and rallies. It seems that every […]

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Recent EB-5, Green-Card News Stories

One of the most popular ways to pursue a U.S. green card is the EB-5 program. Congress created the program in 1990. It is designed to allow foreign investors to live in the United States and pursue a green card by investing in job-creating ventures. Under the […]

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FAQs About Deportation

On the surface, deportation proceedings are deceptively simple. You might think that when the government decides to deport you, there is no hope of remaining in the United States, but there are many different options available if you wish to stay in the country.   If you […]

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FAQs About Green Cards

For many people, a green card is a chance to achieve their dreams. A green card allows a foreign national to live and work permanently in the United States. As you may imagine, these cards are highly sought after and strictly regulated. When filling out the application […]

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Immigration Reform Going Into 2014

Saying that 2013 was a disappointment for advocates of immigration reform is a massive understatement. Supporters have been waiting for action since the Bush administration failed to make headway during a 2007 attempt at reform. The year 2013 seemed to be the one for change; the president […]

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Immigration Reform Supporters Push

Throughout Obama’s presidency, people who support immigration reform have been pressuring the government to create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Efforts to pass a law on the issue have repeatedly failed, most recently when The House neglected to discuss a Senate bill before breaking for […]

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