Immigration Lawyer News: Where Immigration Reform Stands Now

After Congress and President Obama failed to make any progress on immigration reform in 2013, both promised to address the issue with more resolve in 2014. After little more than a month, some issues surrounding immigration reform have already changed, though reform activists must still be disappointed […]

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Dream 9 Activists Reform

Three immigrants that were raised in the United States after being brought in by their parents illegally decided a risky experiment was the best way to test the current immigration laws. They knew there was a chance that they would not gain re-entry into America if they […]

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Law Changes Benefit Louisville immigrants

Louisville, KY- One of Louisville’s major industries, the horse races and Churchill Downs, could benefit from changes to the national immigration laws. If President Obama and business leaders get their way it would be easier for immigrants to get work visas or permanent residency. Out of all […]

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