Pathways to Citizenship

A bill to address undocumented youth is in the works. Republican officials are saying it will not be like the DREAM Act proposal, which offers an alternative path to American citizenship for undocumented youth who are serving in the military or attending college. Republican congressman Bob Goodlatte […]

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Millions of Immigrants Benefit

June 27, 2013, Louisville, KY- Shouts of “Yes We Can” rang out in the visitor gallery Senate Thursday afternoon as lawmakers passed the comprehensive immigration reform bill, pushing it one step closer to becoming law. The bill’s passage in the Senate along with a ruling from Supreme […]

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Poll: Majority Support Immigration Reform

April, 11, 2013, Louisville, KY- As an immigration reform bill is nearing completion, a new poll shows that the majority of Americans back a pathway to citizenship. President Obama and Democratic lawmakers have insisted that any reform bill must include a path to legal residency for close […]

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Kentucky Farmers Need Migrant Workers

April, 4, 2013, Louisville, KY- Included in the immigration reform bill currently being crafted in Washington D.C. is a proposal that would benefit Kentucky farmers and the immigrant workers they rely on. As an industry that relies heavily on immigrant workers, many of who are undocumented, the […]

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Benefits of Licenses for Louisville Immigrants

March, 7, 2013, Louisville, KY- Late last month at least a 150 immigrants gathered at the in Kentucky’s capitol to through their support behind H.B. 396 and nationwide immigration reform, which could dramatically change the lives of undocumented immigrants in the state. If H.B. 396 passes it […]

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