When Congress paused for their summer recess in early August, the issue of immigration reform was already facing heavy criticism by the GOP. Even so, many members of Congress expected to debate the topic sometime in October. According to the Washington Post, it looks like that might all have changed due to the recent conflict in Syria.

immigration reform syria

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) has been involved in the debate throughout Obama’s presidency and is often asked to represent the Republican position on the issue. He pointed out there is division even within the Republican and Democratic parties, and it would take a great deal of time to debate it—time that Congress might not have this year.

Labrador suggested that the debate on immigration reform might be pushed back as far as 2015 because of “problems we’re having internationally and also in this country.” The international problem is, of course, the conflict in Syria, which might occupy Congress’s time into next year.

The domestic problems that he discussed run the gamut from the budget and the debt ceiling to the Affordable Care Act. Faced with so many pressing issues, immigration reform will most likely be pushed to next year, if not farther. As the Washington Post points out, most members of Congress would prefer not to debate such a sensitive issue in 2014, during mid-term elections.

Proponents of immigration reform accuse Republicans of using the Syrian conflict to avoid talking about immigration.  Although this may be true, it doesn’t look like the issue will be discussed at all during this session.

Where does that leave all the people currently developing our policy on the immigration and naturalization process? With the issue likely pushed back two years, it might not be prudent or possible for many immigrants to wait for reform. It is important—now more than ever—to speak to an immigration attorney who understands the process and has the experience to represent you well.

At O’Brien Law Group, we have over ten years of experience helping individuals, families and businesses navigate the immigration process. We have offices conveniently located in Louisville and Shelbyville, Kentucky. If you have questions or concerns about the immigration and naturalization process, we are here to help. Contact us at 502-400-7890..

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