In order to seek asylum in the United States of America, you must first prove you have suffered persecution or show you are in danger of harm based on your race, social or political group, religion, or your nationality. Immigration law also recognizes individuals that are gay, bisexual, transgender, as well as HIV positive individuals as having grounds for an asylum case.

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There are various things that must be considered before making the decision to file for an asylum case. If the applicant wins, they secure legal standing in the United States. If the applicant loses their case, they risk deportation and the persecution they were trying to escape from. If an individual has been harmed or persecuted against in the past it is much easier to win when seeking asylum, as there is proof the individual is not safe in their country. Those who fear for their safety but have not experienced any harm first hand, still have grounds to apply and can win if able to demonstrate how they are at risk. Consulting an immigration lawyer and completing the application process are the first steps to be taken.

The asylum application process consists of the following:

The applicant must complete an Immigration Form I-589.

The applicant must make a detailed personal statement. Documents such as medical reports, police reports, statements from witnesses corroborating the applicant’s story are also very helpful.

Documentation on the Country’s conditions such as, human rights reports, newspaper articles, written statements from expert witnesses demonstrating how the government persecutes certain people in the country the applicant is seeking asylum from.

Once you have completed the application process an in person interview will

be conducted.  This is where you will explain first hand what your fears are and what your past experiences where. Once the interview is completed, it takes an additional two weeks for a decision to me made.

The O’Brien Law Group is a respected immigration and naturalization law firm that has been servicing the Louisville Kentucky area for more than 10 years now. They have provided effective solutions for many individuals with immigration issues. They will apply their resources to help you and your loved ones resolve all your immigration issues.

Lead attorney, Russell O’Brien graduated from the University of Louisville and now has more than 10 years of immigration law experience. His extensive understanding of immigration law helps him provide solutions to a wide range of legal matters and throughout his years of practice, he has successfully handled complex political asylum and humanitarian relief cases for his clients. He has assisted individuals and families from a number of regions and countries, including:


        The Middle East

        Central America

        South Africa

        El Salvador






The O’Brien Law Firm offers comprehensive legal support to their clients. In addition to immigration cases, they also represent clients with issues such as:

Divorce, traffic/DUI charges, criminal charges, personal injury claims

as well as handling general business matters. Contact Russell O’Brien for legal guidance, he will provide the knowledge needed to handle all your immigration issues.


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