Deportation is one of the most polarizing issues in the United States today. The conversation is fueled by the President’s controversial policy changes, an uptick in the number of people trying to enter the country and a deep-seated bias against undocumented immigrants. The politics and controversy make it easy to forget that the issue ties to real people who have valid reasons for wishing to stay in the safety of the United States.


Most of the rhetoric used in the debate reminds us that most deportations concern either new arrivals or criminals. It’s true that the majority of interior deportations stem from criminal offenses, but the notion that all deportees are hardened criminals is an overly simplified one.

Deportation Proceedings Dropped After Teen Car Accident

Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros recently fit the profile of a criminal deportee, and her story is at odds with the general perception of immigrants. Yahoo News reports that 19-year-old Garcia-Cisneros ran over a pile of leaves in the road while driving to her home. Once home, her brother came in and told her that two young girls had been struck and killed while playing in the road. The teen clung to the hope that another driver had hit the children and chose not to go back to the scene.

Eventually, police determined that she had struck and killed the girls who were playing in the leaves. She faced two charges of felony hit-and-run, and a jury decided that she was guilty of those charges last month. After her trial, the government detained her and initiated removal proceedings; however, they dropped the case against her without giving a public reason. In any case, Garcia-Cisneros does not fit the stereotype of a criminal facing deportation.

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Immigrants Face Dangers After Deportation

Those who face deportation often say they fear returning home. Many fled their home cities at a time when they feared for their lives.

In many cases, these fears are entirely justified. The Huffington Post reports that the violence in some South American countries is such that the children who return from the United States are killed within the first week of their arrivals. The report comes from a morgue director who has witnessed an influx of children who were killed just after they were deported.

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