One of the most popular ways to pursue a U.S. green card is the EB-5 program. Congress created the program in 1990. It is designed to allow foreign investors to live in the United States and pursue a green card by investing in job-creating ventures. Under the conditions of the program, the investor and their family members may be granted green cards if they create at least 10 jobs during a two-year period.


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1. EB-5 Regional Center Program Possibly Extended For Three Years

EB-5 Regional Centers are responsible for about 90 percent of the visas issued through the EB-5 program, so they are a vital part of keeping foreign investors connected with possible business investments. The government authorization was set to expire at the end Sept. 2012. Since then, the Senate passed a bill re-authorizing the program.

Lexology reports that the House of Representatives recently passed the bill as well, meaning that if President Obama signs it, the program will be extended until Sept. 2015.

2. 2013 Saw A Record Number Of EB-5 Investments

The Wall Street Journal reports that, although the EB-5 program was created 24 years ago, it wasn’t until seven years ago that it really took off. The slowing domestic economy caused large companies, including hotel chains and casinos, to seek funding from foreign investors, opening up a variety of opportunities for anyone hoping to participate in the program.

The program grew by 5 percent last year, meaning that 6,434 individuals applied for a temporary visa through the EB-5 program. That said, the growth rate has decreased. In 2011, the number of investors rose by 94 percent. Recent fraud allegations may be to blame, highlighting the need to hire an immigration attorney when assessing the investment opportunity.

3. New EB-5 Opportunity Centers On Trucking Industry

KPLU News reports that a newly approved opportunity would allow investors to qualify for a green card by investing in independent truckers who wish to upgrade their rigs to be more environmentally friendly. Part of the need to upgrade their trucks comes from new, more stringent emissions standards.

In a survey of the Northwest region, including four states, more than half of the semi-trucks in operation would not pass the new standards that were put in place in California.

There is a lot riding on an EB-5 visa. Depending on the industry, the individual must invest either $500,000 or $1,000,000. Furthermore, the investor must trust the company to provide the 10 jobs necessary to guarantee them a green card.

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