May, 31, 2013, Louisville, KY- Even though lawmakers in the Senate have been working on the immigration reform bill for the better part of four months, there are numerous legislators, including Kentucky’s Rand Paul, who think the bill is lacking and plans to introduce amendments to the bill before he will give it his vote on the Senate floor.


Sen. Paul, who is weighing a presidential run in 2016, isn’t all in with the pathway to citizenship, but his primary focus is on border security and the E-Verify system.

“I am conceptually for immigration reform but I am going to try to make the bill more to my liking before making my decision,” Paul said, according to

The amendment Sen. Paul plans to introduce when the bill hits the Senate floor would call for Congress to evaluate the security of the border every year for the next five years.

For most Conservatives revamping the E-Verify system to include a photo tool which would cut down of immigration employment fraud is a crucial part of the immigration reform bill, but as a libertarian Sen. Paul opposes the system whole fearing that it would lead to a national ID.

 “Many see measures contained in this bill, such as a strong E-Verify and a ‘photo tool,’ as a means to control unlawful immigrants’ access to unlawful employment. I worry that they go too far,” Paul wrote in the Washington Times. “I will fight to remove the photo tool from this legislation because I think it will become a national ID.”

Conservatives argue that the E-Verify system is helpful to businesses since it allows them to more easily verify the legal status of job applicants and helps discourage illegal immigration by making it harder to harder to obtain a job without the proper legal documents.

An effective E-Verify system also helps Kentucky businesses, which employ a large number of immigrants, especially at the tracks and various horse farms, avoid getting in trouble USCIS. A small business can face exorbitant fines if they hire undocumented workers even if they are unaware they have been given fraudulent social security numbers or other documents.

The majority of Americans want to see immigration reform pass Congress, but are not entirely convinced it will happen.  Even if the current immigration laws don’t change because of gridlock in Congress, people will continue to need assistance navigating the complex immigration system.

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