July 10, 2013, Louisville, KY- Thousands of immigrants and business owners in Kentucky are eagerly watching the progress of the immigration reform bill now the Senate has passed the bill. However, there are hints emerging indicating that the legislation may never see make it out of the House, with amnesty being the legislation’s death nail.

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Today, July 10th, members of the Republican-controlled House had a pivotal meeting concerning the immigration reform bill. The subsequent reports indicate that House members are so opposed to the Senate’s immigration legislation

Speaker Boehner has said repeatedly that the House would craft their version of immigration reform and would not put any bill up for a vote that did not have majority support of the his caucus. By taking a piecemeal approach the House legislation will likely sidestep the pathway to citizenship, instead focusing on border security and visa reform.

House Republicans abhor the idea of granting amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants even though that pathway included in the Senate bill is contingent on border security. In a joint statement following their two hour long meeting Republican leaders said the Obama administration “cannot be trusted to deliver on its promises to secure the border and enforce laws as part of a single, massive bill like the one passed by the Senate,” the New York Times reported.

Their resistance to a pathway to citizenship is not surprising but flies in the face of reports by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, which shows that naturalizing a large majority of the undocumented immigrants currently living in the country would actually benefit the county over the next decade.

According to the CBO, the Senate immigration bill would reduce the federal deficit by $ 700 billion over the next decade after the initial costs of implementing the legislation are met. The bill would also add approximately $279 billion to social security, effectively extending the funds solvency for the next 75 years.

When it comes to immigration reform the House plans to take its time. They are in no rush to pass reform and have numerous committee meetings in the works. They will take a piecemeal approach, tackling the issues on a set of smaller bills that will focus on border security. Conservatives believe that the border must be secure before allowing a pathway to citizenship, if one is ever offered.

The House estimates that it could take months to craft their set of smaller bills and it could be September before any legislation is debated on the House floor.

If the House excludes a pathway to citizenship, they are ignoring the core issue of which makes immigration reform so necessary. There are thousands of immigrants in Kentucky who have built their lives in the state, but have found that the naturalization process is too complex and difficult to navigate so they instead chose to live in the country illegally with the constant threat of deportation.

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