A bill to address undocumented youth is in the works. Republican officials are saying it will not be like the DREAM Act proposal, which offers an alternative path to American citizenship for undocumented youth who are serving in the military or attending college. Republican congressman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, doesn’t believe an alternative path to citizenship should be created specifically for undocumented youth. Details of this latest bill haven’t been released but those working on it have openly stated while giving legal status to undocumented youth is one thing, actual citizenship under special conditions is another and they should be required to take the same steps as anyone else seeking citizenship.

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“I think there’s a more compelling argument to be made for [undocumented youth],” Goodlatte told conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday. “But, even for them, I would say that they get a legal status in the United States and not a pathway to citizenship that is created especially for them.”

While a number of Republicans including Goodlatte can agree with the Democrats on the unfairness of penalizing youth brought to the United States illegally by their parents, both parties feel legal status should be given in these situations, however, they disagree on the aspect of dealing with the parents.

Goodlatte expects all immigrants to use the existing pathways such as family or employment ties. Once a green card is secured, immigrants can apply for citizenship within five years.  The problem with this is the existing backlog for visa holders to obtain green cards in the first place.  Adding to that waiting list is only going to further stall progress and one of the goals is to keep families together.

It is believed that only a small portion of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country would be eligible under existing paths to gain permanent residence. In some cases, immigrants without proper status are forced to leave the United States first before being allowed to qualify for the existing pathways to citizenship.

The White House and Democratic representatives have already rejected a bill that deals exclusively with immigrants brought here as kids due to the fact that it leaves their parents out, but Goodlatte and other House Republicans have shown little openness to dealing with the status of the parents of these children.

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