Politico reports on the sweeping actions unveiled by President Barack Obama late last month regarding immigration reform. The president’s plan would protect as many as 5 million immigrants who are undocumented from deportation.

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According to Pew Research, there are approximately 35,000 illegal immigrants living in Kentucky alone. If your family needs an immigration lawyer in Louisville, we can help

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Immigrants Will Need to Submit a Proper Application Before They Can Gain Citizenship

According to The Higher Learning, President Obama’s plan may seem ambitious, and it would certainly make gaining citizenship much easier, but undocumented immigrants shouldn’t get too excited just yet. No one will gain citizenship automatically, and anyone hoping to remain in the country would still have to submit all of the proper paperwork first. Fortunately, as there is a fairly large population of immigrants in Kentucky, it’s likely that many local immigrants will benefit from the proposed plan.

Despite the plan’s criticism, state officials across the country anticipate that a large number of undocumented immigrants will reach out for help under the new plan. They are expecting a significant number of them will want to avoid deportation by register for citizenship, as well. Part of the plan’s criteria for gaining provisional relief from deportation is having children who have permanent status or are U.S. citizens themselves.

According to the Immigration Policy Center, more than 30 percent of the immigrants in Kentucky are naturalized U.S. citizens who can legally vote. Not only are immigrants important to the state’s entire economy as workers, but they also account for millions of dollars every year in consumer purchasing power.

States Play a Role in Enforcing Federal Policies

Though the federal government is ultimately responsible for enforcing immigration laws, state services generally come into play, as well. For example, immigrants who do not have documentation cannot qualify for food or cash assistance in welfare programs; however, family members with a legal living or working status can still get the benefits. Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for most subsidized federal or state medical programs, either.

For the past two decades, some states have provided public medical coverage for pregnant women who do not have proper documentation. However, any changes to state programs would still require legislative approval.

Navigating through all the different immigration laws and paperwork can be challenging, regardless of any reform plans from Washington. If you or a loved one needs an immigration attorney in Louisville, don’t wait. Call the O’Brien Law Group today at 502-400-7890, and let us know what we can do for you.




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