Since it was instituted by the Immigration Act of 1990, the EB-5 visa program has become both wildly popular and increasingly controversial. The program provides a great way for foreign investors to earn a visa for themselves and their family, but there are some areas that could be revamped and streamlined. It looks as though 2014 will be the year that parts of the program are amended, and hopeful immigrants worldwide are waiting in anticipation to see the new regulations.


Below, we’ve listed three potential changes and how those changes will affect investors. As it is now, the program is often difficult to navigate, and finding legitimate investments can be challenging, so it is wise to speak with an immigration lawyer before making any investments.

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1. The EB-5 Approval Process May Get Faster

The AG Beat reports that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is often overwhelmed by the number of applications that it receives, which can lead to delays. These investments and the jobs that they create are vital for our continued economic recovery, so the process will most likely be streamlined to create a better turnaround on approvals.


2. Investment Amounts May Be Increased

Surprisingly, the United States has one of the lowest minimum investment levels in the world. At $500,000 for “targeted employment areas,” the visas are extraordinarily cheap. Soon, the minimum investment amount could be tethered to the Consumer Price Index so that the rates change with the times. This provides a good incentive for investors to make an investment before the rates increase.

3. The Issue Of Fraud Will Be Addressed

One of the many reasons that it pays to speak with a deportation attorney is that there are fraudulent investment schemes that leave foreign investors without their money or their visa. This practice has gone on for some time, but it may finally be addressed this year, likely because the Chinese government has begun to warn their citizens about the program. According to the USCIS, about 80 percent of the money invested in the EB-5 program comes from Chinese millionaires.

As we wait for these changes to take affect, it is more important than ever to hire a deportation attorney who can keep you apprised of the changes and when they take affect. At O’Brien Law Group, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date on the EB-5 program so our clients make sound investments at opportune times. To speak with an attorney about your investment, Call Us At 502-400-7890 Today! .

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