It’s no secret that immigration and deportation are controversial topics. Many opponents of immigration reforms show a concern that an influx of immigrants may have a negative effect on the economy. Those in favor of reforms argue that it is a basic human right to receive fair and ethical treatment regardless of the individual’s nationality.


The Migration Policy Institute estimates that there are nearly 41 million immigrants living in the United States. The topic of immigration reform, therefore, is one that has a significant impact on many of the country’s residents.

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Immigrants Could Boost Economic Growth

The most common concern regarding immigration reform is whether immigrants will have a positive or negative impact on the economy. As reported by the The Fiscal Times, new research indicates that legal immigrants may actually have a positive impact on the economy—in more ways than one.

Reports indicate that an increase in immigration will expand the U.S. workforce and foster the development of several new businesses and startups. At the same time, experts believe that immigrants will improve industry efficiency by increasing the supply of both unskilled and skilled workers.

Experts also suggest that the educational backgrounds of immigrants can often complement, and not threaten, those of American citizens. In this way, immigrants will foster a more rapid expansion of the economy.

Biden Expresses Concerns About Tying Immigration to Budget

At the same time, NDTV reports that Republicans in the United States may cause serious issues if they make use of upcoming budget discussions as leverage against recent controversial immigration reforms. The White House recently moved to create dramatic changes to local immigration policies, and critics fear that it would be difficult to stop or reform these changes.

Experts say that U.S. lawmakers must agree to a spending deal to avoid a total government shutdown. Biden warned that another shutdown would have a dire effect on the U.S. economy, and it would be a shortsighted move on behalf of the republicans.

Despite new reforms that President Barack Obama recently introduced, the process of becoming a U.S. citizen is challenging at best. An experienced immigration lawyer can evaluate your situation and explain how the laws relate to your particular case.

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