Louisville, KY- One of Louisville’s major industries, the horse races and Churchill Downs, could benefit from changes to the national immigration laws. If President Obama and business leaders get their way it would be easier for immigrants to get work visas or permanent residency.churchill-downs1

Out of all of the 65 thoroughbred horse tracks in the country Churchill Downs is ranked number 5 by the Horseplayers Association of America. The horse track and is a major draw for tourists along with being one of the leading sources of revenue for the city. And immigrants play a major role in the operation of the track because they are hired to do a range of duties. But many of them are in Louisville temporarily and must leave once their visas expire, though many would like to stay and call Kentucky there home.

According to Wave 3, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission requires migrant workers have all their paperwork in line, which means they must provide documentation and identification to get one the many jobs available at the race track. The current immigration laws give is not only a lengthy process it gives theses temporary workers few avenues to permanent residency.

Allowing immigrants the opportunity to establish residency in Louisville would contribute millions to the local economy, however many of these immigrants leave once their temporary visas expire taking with them much needed revenue.

The immigration reform plan proposed by President Obama immigrants would give more of the undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S. and migrant workers a better chance of becoming a legal tax-paying resident.

One of the reform proposals currently on the table is to increase the number of temporary work visas allotted to meet the needs of businesses that must bulk on workers during their peak season. Every year when Churchill Downs holds the Kentucky Derby they rely heavily on temporary workers, but often there are not enough of these visas to go around and the process is too complicated and lengthy.

The major change the president and the Senate committee working on immigration reform wants to see pass Congress is an earned pathway to citizenship.  This earned citizenship would allow those temporary immigrants in Louisville to establish roots.

If an immigrant entered the country on a visa and overstayed an earned pathway would allow them to come out of the shadows without fear of deportation. After paying a fine and back taxes, learning English and passing an extensive background check immigrants would be allowed to stay and enjoy the same benefits of citizens such as obtaining a driver’s license.

If you are an immigrant that needs help with a visa for yourself or a family member or want to pursue citizenship you need the help of an attorney.  Louisville immigration attorney Rusty O’Brien has been helped many immigrants in the area with a deportation defense, obtaining green cards or visas and naturalization. With a decade of experience behind him, Mr. O’Brien is highly capable of meeting all your immigration-related needs..

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