Analysts believe that immigration and immigration policies will play a significant role in Kentucky politics this year, particularly as the State Senate race heats up. Recent political wrangling has shown deportation to be an ongoing issue that is of growing concern to residents of Kentucky—so much so that it has formed a key component of Senate candidates’ campaign strategies.



Politico reports that a new commercial is linking Democrat candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes to controversial immigration policies previously tabled by President Barack Obama. The policy aims to assist immigrants without documents to begin the process of gaining American citizenship. It is a move lauded by democrats as a victory for human rights and criticized harshly by some conservatives who believe it to be the equivalent of gifted amnesty.

The commercial draws attention to the fact that new bills would be granting citizenship to many people who knowingly broke the law by not obtaining the necessary documentation and permission to legally reside in the United States. In a number of these cases, many conservatives believe that deportation of those found to be residing in America without the necessary documentation is justified. Those opposing the commercial, however, claim that it unfairly misrepresents the interests of those depicted, and that facts and figures are manipulated in order to support the argument for aggressive deportation.

If You Face Deportation, Find an Experienced Deportation Lawyer

Of course, the issues of immigration and deportation are contentious, and while it is easy to share opinions based on conjecture, these are part of a complex legal field that typically requires expert assistance and advice for those affected.

The O’Brien Law Group based in Louisville, Ky., is well equipped to provide a deportation lawyer to assist in matters pertaining to immigration issues, and we have helped many clients successfully gain the required documents to legally remain in the country. Without adequate representation, many individuals are left with no choice but to be on the receiving end of harsh deportation policies. Call us today at 502-400-7890 to find out how we can help your case.

Spending Bill Neglects Immigration Courts

At the same time, a recent budget bill that reports is a “must-pass” in Congress ignores President Obama’s desire to accelerate budgets for immigration courts. Obama argues this would assist with the issue of unaccompanied minors that are arriving at U.S. borders. Those supporting the bill, however, are accused by immigration advocates of backing the notion of mass-arrests of youths and families who cross the border, the majority of whom are from Central America.

The accelerated spending on the courts would ensure that there is an increase in infrastructure to assist with the process, including the installation of qualified judges equipped to handle complex issues, such as immigration and deportation.

A skilled deportation attorney is an important asset for these cases, and the O’Brien Law Group has a trusted team of attorneys to assist in key locations in Kentucky. Apart from extensive immigration guidance, we also provide full-service legal support to fight for the best possible outcomes of each case. Call us today at 502-400-7890 to set up a consultation.



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