Saying that 2013 was a disappointment for advocates of immigration reform is a massive understatement. Supporters have been waiting for action since the Bush administration failed to make headway during a 2007 attempt at reform. The year 2013 seemed to be the one for change; the president pushed for a reform bill in his State of the Union address, and the Republican National Committee endorsed the idea of comprehensive reform. But the legislature was unable to agree on the best way to reform immigration laws.

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A Senate-written bill died in the House of Representatives, and the House’s effort to write their own bill crumbled under party politics. Lawmakers told the American people that they would have to wait until next year to find out if reform would happen. So what are the chances that we’ll see another effort in 2014? Keep reading to find out.

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1. Experts Disagree On The Likelihood Of A 2014 Overhaul

Political experts are split on the issue of immigration reform. Some point to the fact that there was no vote in the House on the Senate-passed bill as evidence that lawmakers aren’t seriously considering the issue. Others point out that immigration is a key issue among many voters, so lawmakers will likely make it a priority in 2014.

Reform activists are also increasing their efforts; the end of 2013 has seen a large number of rallies and marches that could keep the issue fresh in the public’s consciousness.

2. There Is Reason To Hope For Change

USA Today argues that there are many signs that indicate the issue will be better addressed this year. First, the fact that Congress was able to pass a budget shows that both parties are capable of working together, which may bode well for a bipartisan effort on immigration reform. Furthermore, House Speaker John Boehner seems ready to exert some influence on his party and steer Republicans away from the far right.

3. The Deportation Rate Is Declining

According to the New York Times, the number of deportations dropped by 10 percent since 2012. This comes as good news for reform advocates, who recently shifted their focus to deportation relief when the legislative session ended. Also encouraging is a statement from the new secretary of the Department of Homeland Security’s that he is against deportation quotas and will be focusing on protecting the United States from terrorists more than deporting undocumented immigrants.

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