After Congress and President Obama failed to make any progress on immigration reform in 2013, both promised to address the issue with more resolve in 2014. After little more than a month, some issues surrounding immigration reform have already changed, though reform activists must still be disappointed as no drastic changes have been made.

immigration reform

Even so, things are changing. Below, you can find a brief rundown of this year’s adjustments and where the issue stands moving forward. Despite the progress, people who are hoping to apply for citizenship have little motivation to wait for sweeping reform as it could be some time before any major changes take effect.

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House Republicans Considered A Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

Republican leaders responded to Obama’s State of the Union address, which called for more action to be taken on immigration reform, by issuing a set of principles that could be the core of future immigration reform.

The representatives stated that they would support a bill allowing undocumented immigrants the chance to live and work in the United States legally, but they stood firm on the fact that they are not supporting a path to citizenship. They also advised that immigrants should be required to pass a background check, pay back-taxes and prove that they would not need government assistance to survive.

Obama Uses Executive Directive To Alter Rules Pertaining To Asylum And Terrorist Support

Holding true to his promise to work on issues that were important to him with or without Congress, Obama bypassed the legislative branch and eased the restrictions on asylum seekers who have given small amounts of aid to terrorist groups, according to Fox News.

Republicans Responded By Saying That Immigration Reform Should Be Made Slowly

Republican members of Congress said that the executive action did little to gain their trust that Obama would not immediately change any bill that they passed in order to suit his wishes. Whether or not those fears are justified, it looks as though immigration reform is still gridlocked for the time being.

Some have proposed that the reform should be spread out over multiple bills to ease those worries, while others suggest that an immigration-reform bill should be passed but not enacted until the president’s term ends.

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