Immigration is one of the major political issues of our day, and it’s not surprising that it seeps into other areas of the news. Case in point, PolitiFact reports that politicians from both sides of the debate are up in arms over a picture that Nancy Pelosi tweeted last week.



Pelosi insinuated that the U.S. soccer team owes much of its success to immigrants. She posted a photo of the starting lineup with seven of the 11 players whited out, implying that they were immigrants and wouldn’t have been on the team if we weren’t supportive of immigration.

The photo also lists four other members of the squad who wouldn’t be playing if not for immigration. The message of the photo is up for debate, but detractors were quick to point out there are no immigrants on the U.S. team. They are right; each of the players was born with a U.S. citizenship, even though some hold dual citizenships and were born outside of the country.

There Is a Kernel of Truth to the Post That Has Been Largely Overlooked

The photo was initially posted by Business Insider for the purpose of comparing the teams in the world cup to determine how many players are first-generation immigrants. The article examined the impact that new, anti-immigration laws could have on certain countries’ soccer teams.

Some teams, like Brazil and Colombia, for example, have no first-generation immigrant players, whereas others, like the United States and Germany, wouldn’t have much of a team if certain players were to be excluded. The message, in this context, seems clear: America is built on immigration, and it shows in our soccer team.

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The United States May Change Visa Rules for Colombians

In 1986, the U.S government implemented the Visa Waiver Program to provide people from certain countries the ability to enter the United States without a visa. This is a common practice all across the world. For instance, U.S. passport holders can visit Taiwan without a visa for 90 days.

According to Colombia Reports, the government has begun the long process of adding Columbia to the Visa Waiver Program. So far, French Guiana and Chile are the only Latin American countries to take part.

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