Immigration reform has taken a front seat in American political life. We’ve heard endless debates about deportation and how the current laws need to change. We’ve watched police arrest politicians at immigration rallies, and we’ve seen other legislators in heated discussions on the topic.


Progress is slow, but that doesn’t mean the raucous debate hasn’t had any effects. The fallout seems to be a change in the way many people think about immigration as a whole, transposing their ideas about reform onto our current system. In many instances, this unfairly taints the word “immigrant.”

It seems like a perfect time to revisit the facts regarding benefits associated with immigration. Regardless of politics and individual beliefs, immigration contributes to our prosperity in very tangible and quantifiable ways.

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1. Immigration Benefits the Housing Market

The effects of immigration are best seen during times of economic struggle. The Huffington Post reports that immigrants often gravitate toward areas of the country that have experienced population loss.

For one reason or another, people move from these areas, leaving the housing market stagnate and the workforce dwindling. When immigrants move into the area, they breathe new life into the local economy, expanding the workforce and strengthening the housing market.

More buyers make for a better market overall, and immigration creates a rise in home valuations, as well as decreases in the overall foreclosure rate. Even so, many people still argue that immigrants are taking jobs from Americans.

2. Immigration Doesn’t Affect the Unemployment Rate

Our current job shortages are far too complex to be summed up in a statement like “Americans are out of work because immigrants take their jobs.” Furthermore, the numbers prove that prejudices like that are just not true.

The U.S. Census Bureau examined the unemployment rate for the last decade and couldn’t discern any relationship between immigration population and employment levels.

3. Taxpayers Don’t Pay for the Immigration Process

Many people believe that taxpayers fund the immigration process and that more immigrants will mean an increase in taxes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Immigration services places the financial burden of the application process onto the applicants themselves.

In other words, when people apply for green cards, they must pay for their own applications. In terms of taxes, immigration is positive, because more legal residents mean more taxes for the government, keeping costs down for everyone.

If you’re planning to apply for a work visa or a green card, you’ll need an experienced immigration lawyer on your side to guide you through the process. At O’Brien Law Group, we work hard to help our clients reach their goals and obtain the immigration status they are seeking.

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