Now that 2015 is upon us, it is worth looking back at some of the policies President Obama proposed in 2014, specifically those regarding immigration. According to USATODAY, the president’s plans to overhaul the country’s old immigration system could alter the lives of as many as 11 million undocumented immigrants. Not everyone is happy with the proposed plans, though.


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Immigration and Customs Enforcement Launches New Program to Track Immigrants

According to, the Homeland Security Department has started experimenting with new ways to track families they catch crossing the border illegally before releasing them into the United States. Immigration and Customs Enforcement launched a program late last year involving GPS-enabled ankle bracelets. ICE officials gave the devices to some parents whom they caught crossing the border illegally.

After releasing the families, customs officials distributed the bracelets, instructing the parents to report back to immigration officials at a later date. According to the Homeland Security Department, approximately 70 percent of immigrants who cross the border with family members do not report back to ICE officials after getting released into the country.

No-Shows and Poor Jail Conditions Led to the GPS Idea

The high rate of no shows coupled with poor jail conditions and a lack of space for family members prompted the president’s administration to institute a temporary jail for families at the Border Patrol’s training academy. The men’s jail converted to a family jail; however, immigration advocates have been critical of President Obama and his administration for jailing families, especially mothers with young children, because the conditions in the jails are poor. ICE officials were looking for alternatives to jailing families when they came up with the GPS anklet idea, which will help ensure families report back to officials as directed.

The pilot program began in December, and it will eventually track 250 heads of families whom officials catch sneaking over the border. Officials will release them into the United States with a GPS-enabled ankle bracelet, and once the immigrants arrive as reported, ICE will remove the tracking devices. Officials screen immigrants on a case-by-case basis, and they will only consider those who do not appear to pose a threat to public safety for release and monitoring programs like this one.

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