There is a lot of misinformation about immigrants and their effects on the U.S. economy. Many people assume that immigrants consume more tax money than they contribute and are therefore a burden on our welfare systems. However, according research published on, immigrant workers are an essential part of our country’s economy.


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In the meantime, read on to learn five reasons why immigrants are so important for the U.S. economy:

  1. Immigrants Pay Taxes

According to CNN Money, undocumented immigrants are already taxpayers. In fact, in 2010, immigrants paid approximately $10 billion in local and state taxes. On average, immigrants pay just more than 6 percent of their income to state and local taxes.

  1. Undocumented Immigrants Contribute More in Taxes Than They Consume

It is a common misconception that immigrants do not pay into the Social Security system. The reality is that undocumented immigrants pay more in payroll taxes than they consume via social security benefits. Research suggests that immigrants have paid more than $100 billion into the Social Security fund over the past 10 years – with no intention to collect benefits.

  1. Undocumented Immigrants Are Not a Drain on the System

Most undocumented immigrants do not even qualify for the benefits that many people believe they are responsible for draining. Most welfare, Medicaid and food stamps programs require proof of legal immigrant status. As such, most undocumented immigrants never see these benefits, let alone place a drain on the system.

  1. The American Economy Depends on Immigrant Workers

Many people complain that immigrants take American jobs. While removing immigrants may make jobs available for unemployed Americans, it would also remove many consumers, small business owners and taxpayers. The impact of this would actually mean that removing immigrants from these jobs would result in more job loss than gain.

  1. Immigration Laws Are Complex and Expensive to Abide By

The reality is that immigration is not only a complex matter, but in many cases, fulfilling the legal requirements is prohibitively expensive. The cost of immigration deters many people from following the proper legal channels.

Fortunately, there is a range of opportunities for people from other countries to immigrate to the United States legally. However, finding the right option for you and your family is a technical process. This is where an immigration lawyer may be able to help.

If you have questions about immigration, or if you are facing a deportation crisis, then contact the O’Brien Law Group. Kentucky immigration attorney Rusty O’Brien regularly represents clients before the Immigration Service, Immigration Courts, Board of Immigration Appeals, and numerous U.S. consulates and embassies abroad. To schedule a consultation, call us today at 502-400-7890.

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