No one expects that immigration reform will happen overnight, but, if you look closely, there are many changes already in the works that don’t depend on the gridlocked legislature. These changes are evolving slowly, but they offer some hope for people facing deportation, as well as for other immigrants interested in the cause.



President Obama sparked one of these changes. Not long ago, he asked Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to review his department’s deportation policies and determine whether or not there was room to make them more humane under the law. Some congressional representatives did not appreciate the effort because it bypassed the legislature.

However, it looks as though the president’s strategy is already yielding results. The Huffington Post reports that Johnson is currently focusing on the government’s secure communities program, which allows local law enforcement agencies to run people facing local crimes through a federal immigration database.

This program has boosted the Immigration and Custom Enforcement agency’s ability to detect and remove undocumented immigrants, but reform supporters criticized the program, saying that these immigrants face deportation for an arrest, without a trial, which contradicts the president’s promise to focus primarily on criminals.

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Johnson Plans to Revamp the System in an Effort to Make Deportation More Humane

Johnson says that he plans to alter the program to help ICE identify and remove only those immigrants who are convicted of serious crimes. In other words, an arrest on its own won’t alert officials.

Johnson was quick to point out that he could only alter the program within the confines of the existing laws, because the executive branch is not in charge of altering laws altogether. He emphasized that sweeping reform can only come from congress.

Even so, many in the immigrant community have applauded the effort as a step in the right direction.

The Defense Department Is Hoping That Illegal Immigrants Will Enlist in the Military

The Pentagon is considering a new program that would allow undocumented immigrants to enlist in the military. In exchange for their service, they would have access to an expedited track to citizenship.

The Washington Times reports that the new program may be part of President Obama’s plan to unilaterally slow the deportation rate. The Pentagon issued a statement in support of the president over the immigration issue, saying that they want to adhere to the president’s wishes.

The program would only be available to immigrants with talents that the military needs. For example, an immigrant with language skills or medical training could be a great asset in today’s army.

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