There are many different sides to the immigration story that is unfolding in the United States right now. Our legislators are debating reform, stories are flooding the news about the high amount of deportations, and thousands of hopeful immigrants are waiting to hear back about their applications. With so much going on, it can be difficult to keep up on all the newest updates.


At O’Brien Law Group, we have a strong interest in immigration news because immigration law is part of our livelihood, and our clients are part of the immigrant population. Below, you’ll find a summary of two recent immigration news stories that we find particularly insightful.

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President Nieto Of Mexico Speaks Out On U.S. Deportations

Reuters reports that the Mexican President, Enrique Nieto, spoke about U.S. immigration reform to a Spanish-language T.V. channel. He is angered by the high number of monthly deportations that have remained consistent during the Obama administration.

Nieto also expressed confusion over the delay in immigration reform, citing the fact that President Obama seems to back the idea. Although both Republican and Democrat lawmakers are devoting attention to a reform bill, they cannot agree on the details.

Despite the record number of deportations in the past six years, there are still about 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States who are hoping for a path to citizenship.

The Justin Bieber Scandal Sheds Light On Deportable Offenses

Justin Bieber will not be deported, no matter how many signatures are attached to a White House petition. But this fact seems to be ignored by the majority of the media.

NY Daily News explains that no immigrant who is charged with a DUI is very likely to be deported because the rules regarding deportation are more concerned with the moral fiber of an individual rather than their criminal record.

In essence, certain crimes, like driving under the influence or drag racing, do not prove that the perpetrator has poor morals. Crimes that suggest poor decision-making don’t rank on the list of concerns. Instead, Immigration Services pursue people who kill, steal or assault. That said, Bieber may find that an application to become a U.S. citizen will be delayed with a DUI on his record.

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