Deportation is the removal of an alien from the United States when they have violated the immigration laws. An immigration judge orders deportation without any additional punishment imposed on the individual other than removal. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement manage this function.

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A 37-year old single mother of six children now faces deportation for assisting another mother in illegally smuggling her 10-year old son into the United States.  In an attempt to help bring a family together, this woman may have secured separation from hers, the children are not at risk of deportation because they are American citizens. While they have stated they would want to go with their mother if she is deported, she doesn’t want them being sent to Mexico, the United States is their home. They have never been to Mexico and don’t speak the language. Her children,  Rodrigo, 20, Avelino, 19, Briseida, 16, Samuel, 15, Miguel, 10, and Adan, 8 will all remain here. The two older boys have agreed to raise their young siblings here in the states.

Her deportation could happen within weeks, maybe months, “I’m just trying to stay with my kids because that’s my life. I have faith in God that everything is going to work out for the best. Even though I get deported, he has plans for me and them.” The whole family is full of fear and sadness as they await Friday’s sentencing.

Reasons for Deportations

You could face deportation, or removal, for many reasons. Our firm has helped numerous individuals fight deportation for reasons including:

  • Expired visas
  • Cut of status
  • Unlawful status
  • Criminal actions

There are many possible legal remedies to the deportation process. An experienced immigration attorney can assist you in discovering if any of them apply to your specific case. You may benefit from Waivers of Removability. A cancellation of Removal is also possible if you have lived in the U.S. for more than 10 years, are a person of good moral character, haven’t committed any crimes and if you have a US citizen or a lawful permanent resident in your immediate family, you may be eligible.

Deportation causes emotional and financial hardships on you and your entire family.  The O’Brien Law Group of Louisville Kentucky understands that no two immigration cases are the same and various aspects can be complex. They have helped many families from various countries, gain the ability to live and work in the United States.  Helping many people fight deportation proceedings is a specialty at The O’Brien Law Group. Lead Attorney Rusty O’Brien has 14 years of experience practicing immigration law. If you are facing the threat of deportation, contact Rusty O’Brien. He will evaluate your situation and work to find creative solutions that allow you to stay in the United States.

He has obtained both, temporary and permanent entry into the United States for clients from around the globe. For a consultation, contact O’Brien Law Offices of Kentucky and obtain the legal services necessary to achieve the results you and your family desire.


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