May, 8, 2013, Louisville, KY- A local trainer has run into trouble with the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement over documentation for the numerous immigrants he employs at his racetrack and farms in the Louisville area.


Dale Romans was fined $150,000 by the immigration agency for improperly documenting 56 of the 75 immigrants, but he insists that he has all the proper paperwork and it is in order, according to the Louisville Post-Courier.

Romans says the issues pertain to I-9 employment forms which includes an employee’s social security number and indicates that an employer has attempted to verify an individual’s legal status.

“I bet I’ve got better paperwork on my employees than 99.9 percent of the people here,” he said in an interview referring to other trainers at Churchill Downs, the Post-Courier reported. “We do all the I-9s. We do timecards. We do the whole bit.”

Romans said he plans to appeal the ruling. It is possible that Romans was given fraudulent social security cards, a reality that all employers must face. Luckily, the federal government realizes that this type of fraud occurs frequently and will allow employers to use a “good faith” defense in these cases.

The issues Romans is having is demonstrative of how complicated and confusing the immigration laws can be a for a Louisville business. Much of the horse industry relies on year-round and temporary immigrant workers, so it is crucial for the business owner to keep abreast of the current immigration laws. Should immigration reform pass through Congress this year the laws will drastically change and many businesses will need a legal expert to guide them through the changes.

One change that will impact businesses the most will be the employment verification system which will require that every American business and employer verify the legal status of anyone they hire.

Businesses in Louisville that employee a large number of immigrants and often want to the people they plan to hire enter the country legally. The business often files the appropriate paperwork such as applications for HB-1, temporary work and student visas for their prospective employees.

One of the primary areas of expertise for the nation’s immigration attorney is to help immigrants and their employers with the employment visa application process from beginning to end. A legal expert is aware of when to while, what visa to file for, and will be able to detect if someone is trying to defraud them.

Whether a person needs help with an immigration violation, attaining a visa, or a deportation defense they can rely on Louisville immigration attorney Rusty O’Brien, who has served the area for 14 years.

Additionally, Mr. O’Brien has helped businesses comply with 1-9 regulations for over a decade. He realizes how the failure to meet these requirements will jeopardize the business as well as their employees; the fines can be so exorbitant that a business doesn’t have the money to continue operations. Attorney Rusty O’Brien is capable of helping business owners like Romans avoid criminal and civil charges by providing a strong defense and comply with immigration laws.


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