LOUISVILLE, Kentucky. When the Trump administration announced the winding down of DACA, it left many Dreamers protected under the program scrambling for answers and frightened about what the future will hold. Current DACA holders were given the opportunity to renew their status with an October 5th deadline. The cost to renew is $495. For low-income DACA holders who may have planned to have more time to come up with the money to renew their status, the changes to the law have left some struggling to come up with the funds. Others face confusion about their legal options should they lose DACA or the option to apply. The short timeframe gives Dreamers very little time to learn about their options and speak to their immigration lawyers.

According to the New York Times, Rhode Island has decided to help DACA holders meet the deadline without facing financial harm. $170,000 has been set aside to help DACA holders apply for a renewal.

Since 2012, the DACA program has granted almost 800,000 immigrant youth the right to live and work in the U.S. legally. DACA protects youth who were brought illegally to the U.S. by their parents and who had no choice in the decision. For many of these youths, the U.S. is the only country they have ever known. Some speak only English. Others hold prominent positions in their communities or attend college. Others have family who rely on them for support.

In San Francisco, six DACA recipients have sued the Trump Administration for ending DACA. The lawsuit claims that the Trump Administration did not use proper procedures for ending DACA and that the recipients were violated their right to due process. The lawsuits aren’t expected to have much momentum because the president is granted wide authority in designing and shaping immigration policy.

In Brooklyn, a federal judge tried to fight back against the tight October 5th deadline, claiming that it didn’t give DACA recipients sufficient time to renew their status. In addition to the burden of coming up with the fees, some recipients may want to speak to their immigration lawyers before filing or renewing. The deadline gives DACA recipients and their lawyers just a scant few weeks to complete and submit renewal materials.

October 5th is just a few weeks away. If you are a DACA recipient and have not filed your renewal paperwork, now is the time to speak to your qualified DACA lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky like the O’Brien Law Group. Before filing for your renewal, it is important to review your background to ensure that you don’t meet qualifications for removal. Submitting information to ICE when you meet qualifications for deportation could impact your status and could lead to adverse consequences. However, if you qualify, renewing your status could give you more time to work legally and enjoy DACA protections while Congress figures out how to protect Dreamers. Don’t hesitate. Take action today. Learn about whether your qualify for a renewal or whether you have other immigration options. Visit our firm at http://robrienlaw.com/ to learn more.

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