The news that Congress might not have time to discuss immigration reform this session did not sit well with activists or big companies. Members of Congress have been hinting that debates on immigration reform will be pushed back to 2014 due to the Syrian conflict and other pressing matters.

Activists Across U.S. March For Immigration Reform

According to ABC News, an activist group responded by protesting outside the U.S. Capitol. The protesters gathered and chanted on Thursday, blocking traffic. The demonstration was meant to compel the House to discuss the immigration legislation that passed the Senate in June.

Police arrived shortly after the protest began and arrested more than 100 women on charges of crowding and obstructing. The event displayed that popular commitment to immigration reform remains strong despite the newest developments in Syria.

The struggling immigration bill also found support from business leaders across the nation. A post on the New York Times’ website reports that more than 100 U.S. businesses sent a letter to House leaders, urging them to make progress on the immigration issue. The letter admitted that the Senate bill is not a perfect solution but insisted that many parts of the legislation have merit and need to be considered.

The letter was issued by many prominent companies including American Airlines Inc., Johnson & Johnson and McDonald’s Corporation. In it, the companies explain that they are still having a difficult time finding enough employees for lesser-skilled positions. They also wrote that there is a need for highly skilled immigrants in many industries. To show their commitment, company executives personally signed the letter, breaking from the pattern of business letters, which are generally signed only by the company.

These displays of support show that the issue of immigration reform is still important to the American public, but for more than 400,000 immigrants that are awarded U.S. visas each year, there may not be time to wait for reform. Those who are sponsored by their family or employer, who are seeking asylum or are students studying in the United States have pressing reasons to seek naturalization. These immigrants will need the representation of a law firm that has extensive experience in the area and can guide them through the current process.

At The O’Brien Law Group, we understand how important naturalization is to you and we want to use our decade of experience to help make it happen. If you are in Louisville or Lexington, Kentucky, contact us at 502-400-7890..

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