Deportation and immigration are some of the most misunderstood issues facing our society. It’s easy to mistake political rhetoric for truth, but that almost always leads to myths and unfounded prejudices.

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It’s important to move past these misunderstandings in order to have more productive discussions on the issues. There is certainly more at stake than re-elections and political gain.

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Myth 1: Immigration Agents Focus on Hardened Criminals

The White House has been clear about its plan to primarily target individuals with criminal records for deportation in order to make our communities safer. In practice, this rule leads to the deportation of very low-level offenders rather than dangerous criminals, presumably because they are easier to catch.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Marinela Martinez-Magana is facing deportation because she took responsibility for a parking ticket. When she went to pay her fine, immigration agents arrested and detain her. Reform advocates describe her case as overkill, even by the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s standards.

Myth 2: The Government Treats Immigrants Well During the Deportation Process

It’s no secret that immigration courts are backlogged right now, and there are severe delays that stretch many months. While waiting for their court dates, the government often houses immigrants in detention centers, and reform advocates who have visited these centers describe the conditions as cruel. The Huffington Post reports that there are many common complaints including sub-standard food, unacceptable behavior by guards and lack of temperature control.

Myth 3: Deportations Are Increasing

President Obama has received criticism from both sides of the aisle for deporting more immigrants than any other president, but according to new numbers, that has changed. FOX News reports that the Homeland Security Department deported 20 percent fewer immigrants between October 2013 and July 2014 than that same period in previous years.

Myth 4: Immigrants Bring Diseases Into the Country

The Huffington Post reports that a radio host is spreading his unfounded theory that undocumented immigrants are to blame for both bedbugs and new respiratory diseases. Both claims are obviously untrue and serve as examples of the inflammatory rhetoric that often accompanies political issues.

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