Immigration news stories are as varied as they are abundant. The issue of U.S. immigration reform affects members of many different ethnicities and spans a varied assortment of cultures. Even here in the United States, domestic reform supporters are staging sit-ins and rallies. It seems that every month, the number of stories grows larger.


So, how can you keep up on the newest and most important immigration news stories? To start, continue reading to find a summary of three of this week’s most compelling immigration stories.

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1. House Democrats Hold Out For More Extensive Immigration Reform Bill

Despite the fact that Republican leaders have said that they don’t plan to pass any bill on immigration this year, house democrats have been building a new reform bill that reads a lot like the bipartisan effort from last year.

The Hill reports that a handful of democrats in the house are dragging their feet and refusing to support the bill because they believe it offers too many concessions to the right, specifically in regard to the bill’s elimination of the popular diversity visa program.

2. Pakastani Exchange Student Who Was In Danger Of Deportation Will Remain In United States

The Star Tribune reports that Muhammad Bajwa arrived in the United States to spend a semester studying at the University of Wisconsin as part of an exchange program. During his stay, he was involved in a car accident and has been in a coma for the past three months.

His family’s grief was only amplified when they received word that Bajwa’s visa was set to expire and he would need to return home. They were worried that he would receive sub-par medical care at home and that the flight would only worsen his condition.

Although his visa extension has been denied, officials from the state department have made it clear that they will not deport him in his current state and are working out a deal with his family.

3. Immigration Cases Delayed By Government Shutdown

As expected, the federal shutdown that occurred last year has delayed the immigration process for many hopeful immigrants. In total, about 37,000 people will experience a delay, according to Yahoo News. This only makes finding a good immigration lawyer more critical because it is more important than ever to make sure your paperwork is 100 percent correct.

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