Deportation-Lawyer News Roundup

The status of immigration in the United States is constantly changing, and this applies to deportation efforts. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is stretched thin all across the country as the agency focuses more resources on border protection.

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3 FAQs About Green-Card Interviews

Although there are many stages involved in the application process for a green card, the part that tends to scare applicants most is the interview. Generally, the interview is one of the last steps before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services makes a decision. This puts […]

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3 Green Card FAQs Every Immigrant Should Know

With all the discussion surrounding legislative reform and undocumented immigrants, it’s easy to forget that most of the immigrants in the United States have permanent residency. In fact, the U.S. government estimates that there were approximately 12.6 million people with permanent residency in the country in 2010. […]

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Can Immigration Violations Bar Naturalization? And More Immigration-Lawyer FAQs

More than most other countries, the United States relies on its immigrant population, which is why we offer so many different programs to attract foreign workers. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the number of immigrants in the United States was more than 38.5 million in 2009. […]

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Immigration Lawyer News: Addressing Two Myths About Immigration in America

Immigration is a highly publicized and politically charged issue. Both of those factors make it very easy for misconceptions about the process and the people it affects to take root. These myths can harm reform in both political and social spheres.

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