Immigration Reform Supporters Push

Throughout Obama’s presidency, people who support immigration reform have been pressuring the government to create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Efforts to pass a law on the issue have repeatedly failed, most recently when The House neglected to discuss a Senate bill before breaking for […]

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Foreign Students Finding It Difficult

News outlets have been flooded with stories about the push for immigration reform and how that reform could affect illegal immigrants who are living in the United States. However, there are other people who will be affected by immigration reform who have not been in the spotlight […]

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Obama Pushes For Immigration Reform

President Obama has been very clear, especially recently, that he supports immigration reform. NBC News reports that he took some time out of his schedule to meet with activists and let them know that he supports them. He sat down with a particular group that has been […]

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Immigration Resources For New

Immigration reform is still a topic of debate in the United States. The president continues to promise reform, and the legislature continues to postpone the debate. Even so, Fox News reports that Mark Zuckerberg recently called immigration reform “one of the biggest civil rights issues of our […]

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