End of the Green Card Lottery?

May, 17, 2013, Louisville, KY- The green card is a stepping stone to citizenship for an overwhelming majority of legal immigrants. Many are fortunate enough to have highly-sought after skills or family members who are U.S. citizens, but there is a small group that depends a green […]

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Student Visas Center of Debate

May 14, 2013, Louisville, KY- The long-awaited immigration reform bill is now in the mark-up stage and Senators are debating the close to 300 amendments added to the sweeping legislation. Taking center stage in the debate today was student visas, which will have an impact of the […]

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Businessman Fined for Violations

May, 8, 2013, Louisville, KY- A local trainer has run into trouble with the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement over documentation for the numerous immigrants he employs at his racetrack and farms in the Louisville area. Dale Romans was fined $150,000 by the immigration agency for improperly documenting […]

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