Kentucky Universities Push for Immigration Visa Reform

Feb. 27, 2013, Louisville, KY- A variety of Americans and special interests groups across the country are hungry for immigration reform, especially educators and employers. University presidents from Louisville and the rest of the state jumped into the debate by sending a letter to state lawmakers urging […]

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SCOTUS Deportation Ruling Affects Kentuckians

SCOTUS Deportation Ruling Affects Kentuckians February, 20, 2013, Louisville, KY- A recent decision from the Supreme Court could affect deportation cases of thousands of immigrants in Kentucky and nationwide who are facing criminal charges. The case brought before the Supreme Court was filed by a Chicago woman […]

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Law Changes Benefit Louisville immigrants

Louisville, KY- One of Louisville’s major industries, the horse races and Churchill Downs, could benefit from changes to the national immigration laws. If President Obama and business leaders get their way it would be easier for immigrants to get work visas or permanent residency. Out of all […]

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