This year, the U.S. government received criticism for the low level of H1-B employment visas that it issued, which was 65,000. However, it is worth noting that the government offers a wide variety of special employment visa programs that apply to several groups of people and even specific nations.



If you’re planning to apply for a U.S. visa, it may be worth looking into the programs. However, each special visa has a different set of guidelines and requires application forms with specific instructions, so it’s important to discuss your situation with your immigration lawyer.

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1. Certain Countries Have Access to Special Work Visas

The United States has a long history of making certain immigration programs available to certain nationalities. For example, Gothamist reports that Australian professionals don’t compete with workers from other countries for H1-B visas.

Instead, they have access to E-3 visas, which are part of a work program designed to foster business ties with foreign countries. Every year, the U.S. government issues 10,500 visas to Australians interested in working in the United States.

Furthermore, E-3 work visas come with cheaper application fees and can be renewed indefinitely.

The government also issues several thousand visas each year to Afghans whose cooperation with U.S. soldiers puts them at risk in their home country.

2. Professional Athletes Still Need a Visa to Work in the United States

When athletic teams or individual athletes from abroad come to the United States to compete in their sport, many people assume that they are allowed to enter the country freely. Even sports stars need to get visas to enter the country, but they do have access to a special program to obtain them.

The U.S. government issues P visas to athletes, entertainers and celebrities. This visa is also popular among touring circus groups. The important qualification for these visas is that the applicant must be highly skilled in his or her field.

For instance, athletes who plan to apply for P work visas must compete on a professional level in a league or organization that is internationally recognized. As with all government programs, there are many different rules and regulations involved.

If you’re looking into visas in Kentucky, you’ll need an experienced lawyer on your side to help you optimize your application. At O’Brien Law Group, we can help you and your family apply for the visa program that best fits your needs and situation.

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